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See who's running the 2016 Boston Marathon

The 2016 Boston Marathon field has now been numbered. Official participants can look up their wave and corral position below. This year's race will consist of four waves, with eight corrals per wave. The following is a list of the qualifying time range per wave:

  • Wave One - 2:25:00 - 3:09:49
  • Wave Two - 3:09:50 - 3:28:17
  • Wave Three - 3:28:18 - 3:50:47
  • Wave Four - 3:50:48 and beyond

Click the button below to search the current entry list of the 2016 Boston Marathon:

Note - Runners are not permitted to move forward into an earlier wave or corral. While we encourage all runners to line up in the corral to which they are assigned, runners are allowed to move back to a higher corral or wave, with the exception of the first corral of any wave. For example, if you are assigned to Wave One, you may move back to Wave Two, Three, or Four into any corral EXCEPT for the first corral in any wave. Violators are subject to penalties and/or disqualification.

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