Hale Reservation

Hale Reservation
80 Carby Street
Westwood, MA 02090
Paula McLaughlin
781-326-1770 ext. 18

The Hale Outdoor Learning Adventures program is a proud partner of Boston’s Public Schools Summer Learning Project (SLP). The four main goals include: (1) reversing summer learning loss in English Language Arts (ELA) and math, (2) helping students develop the vital social-emotional skills that research supports are necessary for school, college, and career success, (3) strengthening school-community partnerships through high quality programming, and (4) promoting student health and wellness.

The achievement gap between low-income students and their higher-income peers is explained largely by unequal access to learning opportunities beyond the school day. Summer is an especially precious resource. Students who don’t participate in learning programs lose substantial knowledge and skills gained during the school year. This well documented “summer learning slide” most adversely affects low-income students, is cumulative across a young person’s lifetime, and represents an expensive leak in our educational pipeline. Mounting evidence suggests that quality summer programs can stem this loss and, in some cases, even accelerate students’ progress.

Today’s youth struggle with a mounting obesity epidemic and the lure of technology that typically discourages physical activity. Studies show that physical activity is directly linked to brain health. Additionally, time spent outdoors leads to mental stimulation and has numerous health benefits, including improved eye development and auditory processing. Being outdoors and active is paramount for healthy youth development.

If providing healthy outdoor living and educational opportunities for low-income Boston students resonates with you, we encourage you to apply and Run like Hale!

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Hale Reservation

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