Terrence Mahon

Terrence Mahon - High Performance Program Coach

Terrence Mahon has joined the Boston Athletic Association to lead and coach a high performance distance running initiative for the organization.

Mahon is considered a top middle and long distance running coach, and is credited with having developed or coached eight Olympians since 2005.

He began his coaching career in 2003 with renowned endurance coach Joe Vigil serving as a mentor to Mahon. In 2003 and 2004, Mahon offered private coaching under his company Spiridon Running, LLC, prior to taking charge of Team Running USA, the elite group which would later become the Mammoth Track Club. Most recently, Mahon was employed by UK Athletics in England, where he served as Lead Endurance Coach.

At the B.A.A., Mahon will work with Michael Pieroni to create a high performance running program consisting of U.S. athletes. Mahon will recruit and coach the high performance athletes, and Pieroni will continue to be the director of the entire club. Mahon, along with the athletes who will comprise the high performance group, will be based in Boston.

"The B.A.A. has a rich history of athletic excellence, both in terms of events and club membership, and I look forward to developing the next generation of top Americans who will compete wearing the Unicorn," said Mahon. "The athletes who will run for the B.A.A. in this program will represent one of this country's oldest and most prestigious running clubs, and our group will be the newest contributor to the already strong legacy of running in Boston."


  • American Records (women): 8K, 15K, Half Marathon & Marathon, (men): 20K, Half Marathon
  • Major Marathon Champion: Chicago, London
  • Major Marathon Podium Finishes: Boston, Chicago, NYC
  • US National Champions: 1500m, 10,000m, 15K roads, 20K roads, Half Marathon, Marathon
  • World Ranked Athletes: 800m #2, 1500m #1, 5,000m # 7, 10,000m # 9, Marathon #1
  • Olympic & World Finalists since 2005: 1500m, 5,000m, 10,000m, Marathon


  • 2009 USOC Doc Counsilman Science Award Winner (Track & Field Coach)
  • 2011 & 2012 USATF Center of Excellence Award (Mammoth Track Club)
  • 2012 Running USA Allen Steinfeld Award for Elite LDR Training Center (Mammoth Track Club)


  • 2007 Yokohama Women’s Ekiden Championship
  • 2010 IAAF World Indoor Championship Coach (Men‘s Middle & Long Distance)
  • 2011 IAAF World Championships Coach (Women’s Middle & Long Distance)
  • 2015 IAAF World Championships Coach (Women’s Middle & Long Distance)
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Terrence Mahon

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