2011 B.A.A. Scholastic Mile and Middle School 1K Field of Athletes

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12 APR 2011
Top Scholastic Athletes from Hopkinton to Boston heading to Boylston Street for the Third Annual B.A.A. Invitational Mile

Boston, MA – The Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) today released the field of athletes competing in the scholastic sections of the third annual B.A.A. Invitational Mile. The top high school-aged athletes from the eight cities and towns of the Boston Marathon course are annually brought to the finish line of the historic race to compete in a three-lap race around an urban block. The athletes cross the Boston Marathon finish line in front of thousands of spectators – many of whom are Boston Marathon runners.

The races begin at approximately 9:30 a.m. with the Middle School 1K, following the B.A.A. 5K. The Scholastic Invitational Mile starts at approximately 9:45. The field lists for both events are listed below.

Schedule of Events - Sunday, April 17, 2011

8:00 a.m. – B.A.A. 5K at Copley Square Park.
9:30 a.m.* - Middle School 1K (Girls, Boys from the eight cities and towns of the Marathon course).
9:45 a.m.* - Scholastic Mile (Girls, Boys from the eight cities and towns of the Marathon course).
10:00 a.m.* - Invitational Mile (Women, Men. Field list to date below). 


Scholastic Boys’ Field*
Name (Town) Grade Personal Best 
Tim Bolick (Hopkinton)  10 4:38
Brendan Driscoll (Hopkinton) 12 4:54
Peter Kirk (Ashland) 10 5:13
Ryan Milewski (Ashland)  10 5:06
Brian Gilligan (Framingham) 10 4:53
Ben Groleau (Framingham) 11 4:30
Andrew Culkin (Natick) 11 Debut
Jared Kimler (Natick) 11 4:52
Andrew Griswold (Wellesley)  12 4:49
Kevin Bu (Wellesley) 12 5:04
David Melly (Newton) 12 4:23
Ezra Lichtman (Newton) 12 4:25
Christian Sampson (Brookline) 12 4:31
Romey Sklar (Brookline) 12 4:22
Robert Finch (Boston) 11 5:08
Nick D'Agostino (Boston) 12 4:44
Scholastic Girls’ Field*
Name (Town)  Grade Personal Best 
Kellie Lodge (Hopkinton) 12 5:07
Kim Bolick (Hopkinton) 12 5:23
Hannah Daly (Ashland) 11 5:43
Sarah Poulin (Ashland) 12 5:34
Sarah Bowhill (Framingham) 12 5:12
Maria Grandoni (Framingham) 12 5:31
Erin Murphy (Natick) 10 5:20
Annie McElaney (Natick) 11 5:29
Jessie Kaliski (Wellesley) 12 5:19
Eva Lauer (Wellesley) 12 5:27
Kathy O’Keefe (Newton) 12 4:52
Margo Gillis (Newton) 12 5:00
Hannah McGrath (Brookline) 10 5:19 (1500m)
Kristen Skillman (Brookline) 11 5:09 (1500m)
Eva Macdonald (Boston) 11 5:40
Kathleen Mello (Boston) 11 5:22

Middle School 1K – 9:30 a.m.

Middle School 1K - Boys*  

Evan Park (Hopkinton)
Alex Joyce (Hopkinton)
Alec Daly (Ashland)
Thomas Kirk (Ashland)
Yonuel Romero (Framingham)
Weliton Sousa (Framingham)
Hunter Reynolds (Natick)
Michael Maichen (Natick)
Jason Canaday (Wellesley)
Alcy Torres (Wellesley)
Carter Harrison (Newton)
Patrick Mahoney (Newton)
Leo Connelly (Brookline)
Shahzad Mumtaz (Brookline)
Federico Meio (Boston)
Tayo Stuppard (Boston)

Middle School 1K – Girls*

Shelby Aarden (Hopkinton)
Tara Branch (Hopkinton)
Tobi Yusuf (Ashland)
Toyin Yusuf (Ashland)
Janiece Edwards (Framingham)
Juju Magalhaes (Framingham)
Margaret Chouinard (Natick)
Julia Stevens (Natick)
Piper Higgins (Wellesley)
Grace Bulson (Wellesley)
Sonya Jampel (Newton)
Leah Metzger (Newton)
Rhyana Freeman (Brookline)
Jen Xu (Brookline)
Arianna Serret (Boston)
Angelitza Negron (Boston)

*As of April 12, 2011




B.A.A. Moment 1

1920 - Ashland Start

The Boston Marathon began in Ashland, Massachusetts from 1897 through 1923 then moved to Hopkinton for the 1924 race. The course was lengthened to 26 miles, 385 yards to conform to the Olympic standard, and the starting line was moved west from Ashland to Hopkinton. Since then, the race has started in Hopkinton every year.