Thank you from the B.A.A.

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25 APR 2011
Dave McGillivray and Tom Grilk share their appreciation

We are posting this for a simple purpose:  to say "Thank you" to all of you who were part of an historic Boston Marathon on Monday, April 18.  We all know that times were posted representing some of the fastest times ever recorded in some of our competitive divisions.  But beyond that, we were privileged to have so many thousands of athletes honor us by taking the time and trouble to qualify and then run on a day that none of us will forget.  And we know that those of you who participated as athletes on Patriots’ Day join us in expressing the deepest gratitude to the many more thousands of people who give their time and talents to volunteer, and give of themselves to make the Boston Marathon happen.  They take it personally, and it shows.  

With all of you, and splendid sponsors like John Hancock and adidas and all of our other enormously cooperative sponsors, it becomes a pleasure for those of us who work on the race to do so.

And finally, to all of the cities and towns along the route who host us all and make us feel like guests: we extend the thanks of 27,000 runners and 8,000 volunteers who learned from you once again what hospitality is all about.

It was a great day, and all of you made it happen.


Dave McGillivray        Tom Grilk

Race Director           Executive Director

B.A.A. Moment 1

1920 - Ashland Start

The Boston Marathon began in Ashland, Massachusetts from 1897 through 1923 then moved to Hopkinton for the 1924 race. The course was lengthened to 26 miles, 385 yards to conform to the Olympic standard, and the starting line was moved west from Ashland to Hopkinton. Since then, the race has started in Hopkinton every year.