Big Smiles and Huge Cheers for the Boston Middle School Cross Country Championship

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Marc Davis (Communications Manager)
Boston Athletic Association
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20 OCT 2011
B.A.A. Boston Center for Youth and Families collaborate for annual XC Races in Franklin Park

Though you weren’t able to see the athletes through the fog, you could hear the cheering. On Thursday morning at Franklin Park in Boston, middle school athletes from ten Boston-area schools congregated to compete in the annual Boston Middle School Cross Country Championships, hosted by Boston Public Schools and Boston Centers for Youth and Families, and sponsored by the Boston Athletic Association.

With an October combination of fog, mist, and an occasional sprinkle, running conditions were optimal for more than 200 participants from ten Boston middle schools to compete in a three race medley. With the rain of previous days, “The Playstead” area of Franklin Park which traditionally has hosted the race was unusable with puddles of water. The course was re-marked for 2011, and included long stretches of roadway to ensure secure footing for all participants.

The first race of the morning was the Boys 500 meters. By the second of two turns, John Lara of Hernandez Middle School held a strong lead, and went on to win by more than seven seconds over Dezmin Diaz of Tobin Middle School. Joining Lara in the top ten were schoolmates Joel Lara, and Jovan Talavera to help secure the team title for Hernandez School.


Place    Name:                           School                          Time

1.         John Lara                      Hernandez                     1:35.1

2.         Dezmin Diaz                  Tobin                            1:42.8

3.         Eli Bonheur                   O’Bryant                       1:43.5

4.         Romario Ebanks            O’Bryant                       1:44.4

5.         Richard Lopez               Rogers                          1:44.9

6.         Sammy Amri                 McKay                          1:46.1

7.         Denilson Goncalves        Timilty                           1:46.6

8.         Joel Lara                       Hernandez                     1:47.9

9.         Ernie Depradine             McKay                          1:50.7

10.        Jovan Talavera               Hernandez                     1:51.1


Place     School                                     Points

1.           Hernandez                               19

2.           O’Bryant                                  24

3.           Tobin                                       27*

4.           McKay                                    27

5.           Rogers                                    48

6.           Timilty                                     53        

7.           Jackson-Mann                          100

8.           Greenwood                              104

9.           Perry                                       176

10.         King                                        236

(*on a tie-breaker – 4th place runner finish)

In the second race of the morning, the Girls assembled on the start line on the North Side of the Playstead, and through the fog before the final turn, Juleen Lewis had built a commanding lead over the pack. She won by nearly seven seconds, and though she was joined by Aiyah Maiden (sixth) and Alondra Acosta (tenth) of Timilty Middle School in the top ten, they finished second in the team competition to O’Bryant, who was led by Nisa Holley in second, Aislinn Donovan in fourth, and Amanda Leyton-Nolan in eighth.


Place    Name:                           School                          Time

1.         Juleen Lewis                  Timilty                           1:50.8

2.         Nisa Holley                    O’Bryant                       1:57.4

3.         Mia Sheets                    Hernandez                     2:00.5

4.         Aislinn Donovan O’Bryant                       2:03.8

5.         Stacy Bernudez             McKay                          2:04.7

6.         Aiyah Maiden                Timilty                           2:04.9

7.         Ariana Serret                 Hernandez                     2:05.1

8.         Amanda Leyton-Nolan    O’Bryant                       2:06.5

9.         Irene Colon-Nava            Hernandez                     2:10.5

10.        Alondra Acosta              Timilty                           2:11.1



Place       School                                   Points

1.            O’Bryant                                14        

2.            Timilty                                    17

3.            Hernandez                              19

4.            Tobin                                     48

5.            McKay                                   51

6.            King                                       58

7.            Jackson-Mann                        63

8.            Perry                                     134

9.            Rogers                                   144

10.           Greenwood                             226

The most exciting event of the day, however, was the mixed relay competition, in which each school selects two boys and two girls to represent their best chances at victory at the Middle School Cross Country Championships. With two heats, the schools were split in half. Hernandez, Timilty, O’Bryant, Greenwood, and Tobin were in the first heat. The second heat featured Jackson Mann, King, McKay, Perry, and Rogers. Timilty took the title over O’Bryant and Hernadez in the first heat (and overall) by a narrow two seconds.


Place       School                                   Time

1.            Timilty                                    2:53

2.            O‘Bryant                                2:55

3.            Hernandez                              2:58

4.            McKay                                   2:59

5.            Tobin                                     3:02

6.            Jackson-Mann                        3:03

7.            Rogers                                   3:04

8.            King                                       3:12

9.            Perry                                     3:17

10.           Greenwood                             3:29



Number of Schools:                 10

Number of Participants:           Boys:    118       Girls:    102       Total:   220

Participating Schools and Coaches:

Greenwood                                          Drew Hughes-Brock

Hernandez                                           Michael Baugh

Timilty                                                 Manny Frenandez

Tobin                                                   Jessie DesForges

O’Bryant                                              Jose Ortega

Rogers                                                 Thomas Levett

McKay                                                  Michael Munroe

Perry                                                    Ellen Wyse

King                                                     John Fields

Jackson-Mann                                      Christine Holmes





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1920 - Ashland Start

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