2014 Boston Marathon Qualifier Acceptances

Contact Info:
Marc Davis (Communications Manager)
Boston Athletic Association
185 Dartmouth Street, 6th Floor
Boston MA 02116
25 SEP 2013
Notification to applicants begins Wednesday, September 25

BOSTON – The Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) today continued its notification to applicants of their acceptance into the 2014 Boston Marathon®. In preparation for the 2014 Boston Marathon, the B.A.A. implemented the same registration process for Qualified Runners as it used in the 2012 and 2013 Marathons, allowing the fastest qualifiers to register first. The 118th Boston Marathon will be held on Monday, April 21, 2014 and will mark the 29th consecutive year that the event will have John Hancock Financial Services as its principal sponsor.

Registration for runners who met the B.A.A.’s Qualifying Standards for the 2014 Boston Marathon began on Monday, September 9 at 10:00 a.m. ET using a “rolling admission” schedule and continued through Saturday, September 14 at 10:00 p.m. ET. Registration re-opened on Monday, September 16 at 10:00 a.m. and application submissions were received through Friday, September 20 at 5:00 p.m. ET.

  • 25,654 applications were received during the two weeks of registration (September 9, 2013 through September 20, 2013).
  • 22,679 applicants have been accepted or are in the process of being accepted, pending verification of their qualifying performance (17,229 from Week One; 5,450 from Week Two). 
  • Details of the B.A.A.’s two-week registration process for Qualifiers can be found on the following web page:
  • 2,976 applicants were unable to be accepted due to the large number of eligible qualifiers who submitted an application for entry combined with field size limitations.
  • During Week One, when the fastest of all Qualifiers submitted their application for entry:
    4,484 Qualifiers accepted met their qualifying time by 20 minutes, 00 seconds or faster;
    6,866 Qualifiers accepted met their qualifying time by 10 minutes, 00 seconds or faster;
    5,879 Qualifiers accepted met their qualifying time by 05 minutes, 00 seconds or faster.
  • From Week Two, 5,450 Qualifiers were accepted.  These were Qualifiers who were one minute, 38 seconds or faster than the Qualifying time for their age group and gender.
  • An additional 5,625 runners who were 2013 Boston Marathon starters who reached the half marathon checkpoint or later but did not have the opportunity to cross the finish line on Boylston Street on April 15  were invited to participate in the 2014 race, some of whom were qualified. Of those runners, 4,615 registered for 2014, 1,649 of whom were Qualifiers.
  • In addition, 402 Qualifiers who have an active streak of ten or more consecutive Boston Marathon completions also entered during a pre-registration period in August and have been accepted. 

Those who submitted a verified qualifying performance that was one minute, 38 seconds (1:38) or more under the qualifying standard for their age and gender have been accepted into the race. Qualifying performances for the 2014 Boston Marathon must have been run between September 22, 2012 and September 20, 2013.  Notices via email to those accepted will be issued by the B.A.A. beginning today.

The names of those runners who have been accepted will be posted on the “Entrants” page of the B.A.A.’s web site: http://www.baa.org/races/boston-marathon/participant-information/entrants.aspx

Some of those entrants who ultimately will be accepted will not be notified of their acceptance or have their name appear because validation of qualifying performances is ongoing. The amount of time to verify the performance of qualifiers can vary from race to race.

Men’s Qualifying Standards and Accepted Times

18-34 3hrs 05min 00sec 3hrs 03min 22sec
35-39 3hrs 10min 00sec 3hrs 08min 22sec
40-44 3hrs 15min 00sec 3hrs 13min 22sec
45-49 3hrs 25min 00sec 3hrs 23min 22sec
50-54 3hrs 30min 00sec 3hrs 28min 22sec
55-59 3hrs 40min 00sec 3hrs 38min 22sec
60-64 3hrs 55min 00sec 3hrs 53min 22sec
65-69 4hrs 10min 00sec 4hrs 08min 22sec
70-74 4hrs 25min 00sec 4hrs 23min 22sec
75-79 4hrs 40min 00sec 4hrs 38min 22sec
80+ 4hrs 55min 00sec 4hrs 53min 22sec

Women’s Qualifying Standards and Accepted Times

18-34 3hrs 35min 00sec 3hrs 33min 22sec
35-39 3hrs 40min 00sec 3hrs 38min 22sec
40-44 3hrs 45min 00sec 3hrs 43min 22sec
45-49 3hrs 55min 00sec 3hrs 53min 22sec
50-54 4hrs 00min 00sec 3hrs 58min 22sec
55-59 4hrs 10min 00sec 4hrs 08min 22sec
60-64 4hrs 25min 00sec 4hrs 23min 22sec
65-69 4hrs 40min 00sec 4hrs 38min 22sec
70-74 4hrs 55min 00sec 4hrs 53min 22sec
75-79 5hrs 10min 00sec 5hrs 08min 22sec
80+ 5hrs 25min 00sec 5hrs 23min 22sec

“While 2013 has been challenging, we appreciate and acknowledge the outpouring of support which we have received and to which we have been witness,” said Tom Grilk, B.A.A. Executive Director.  “For 2014 and with a larger field size, we wanted to achieve the correct balance among the field of participants by accepting as many qualifiers as possible, accommodating those who were prevented from crossing the finish line in 2013, and recognizing some who were directly involved in 2013. While we would like to accept all qualified runners, field size limits are in place to ensure the best possible experience for all runners in the field.  We will next address the allocation of remaining slots in as fair a fashion as we can across people and groups who are or represent those most affected by the events of April 15.”

Notices to those who submitted an application for entry but who were not accepted were also issued today.

In cooperation with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the eight cities and towns along the Boston Marathon route, the B.A.A. has set the field size for the 2014 Boston Marathon at 36,000 official entrants. At least seventy percent of the field will be comprised of athletes who have met the qualifying standards. The balance will consist of invitational entrants,many of whom run for local charitable organizations. Since 1989, between the B.A.A.’s Official Charity Program and principal sponsor John Hancock Financial’s Non-Profit Bib Program for the Boston Marathon, more than $170 million has been raised for charity.  

Qualifying performances achieved on or after Saturday, September 14, 2013 will be valid for 2015 Boston Marathon registration. The registration dates for that year’s race have not yet been established.

MEDIA, for further information, please contact:

Jack Fleming, B.A.A. Director of Marketing & Communications
(office: 617-778-1627; fleming@baa.org)

Marc Davis, B.A.A. Communications Manager
(office: 617-778-1633; mobile: 703-439-0751; mdavis@baa.org)

B.A.A. Moment 2

1935 John A. Kelley

Born in West Medford, Massachusetts as one of ten children, Kelley ran track and cross-country at Arlington High School in Massachusetts. He did not finish his first Boston Marathon in 1928, but eventually competed in a record 61 Boston Marathons. A legend of the marathon, Kelley won the 1935 and 1945 runnings of the Boston Marathon. He finished in second place at Boston a record seven times. Between 1934 to 1950, he finished in the top five 15 times at Boston, consistently running in the 2:30s. He ran his last full marathon at Boston in 1992 at the age of 84, his 61st start and 58th finish there.