Inclement Weather Policy for Long Runs and Practice

14 DEC 2012
Inclement Weather Policy for Long Runs and Practice
As we approach winter training, inclement weather is inevitable. While as distance runners we are accustomed to training in all types of weather there are times when, in the interest of health and safety, conditions warrant the cancellation of a practice or long run. Although training is important, common sense and safety outweigh the need to get out there on the roads as a group or to get in an interval session.

In the event that weather conditions force the cancellation of a practice, every attempt will be made to post an announcement on the B.A.A. Running Club website 24-48 hours in advance. However, given the unpredictability of New England weather, such advance notice is not always possible. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each individual to check the website for cancellation announcements prior to coming to practice.

It is also important to acknowledge that weather conditions may vary widely depending upon where you are traveling from. If practice is still being conducted and weather conditions are poor, each club member should use his or her own judgment as to whether or not to attend. Safety is paramount and, if in doubt, it is better to err on the side of caution.

As a reminder, when participating in group long runs, all participants are expected to obey all traffic rules and signals for their own safety and for the safety of other participants, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. This includes, but is not limited to, running in single file, obeying stop signs/lights, using sidewalks, and when sidewalks are not available/useable, running against traffic.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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Inclement Weather Policy for Long Runs and Practice

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