Ely Leads a 1-2-3 B.A.A. Finish at the USATF New England 10k Championship

11 JUN 2012
Ely Leads a 1-2-3 B.A.A. Finish at the USATF New England 10k Championship
Brett Ely led a 1-2-3 finish at the USATF New England Grand Prix 10k Championship in Newton, MA on Sunday, June 10, 2012, pacing the B.A.A. women to their fourth USATF New England Grand Prix title in 2012. The championship was hosted by the Newton 10k and Ely won handily, finishing in 35:31, twenty seconds ahead of runner-up and B.A.A. teammate Lindsay Willard. With her win, Ely becomes the third B.A.A. woman to win a 2012 USATF New England Grand Prix Championship. Hilary Dionne took top honors at the New Bedford Half Marathon, while Emily Kroshus was the women's champion at the Bedford 12k. Willard has had a strong showing in the current Grand Prix Series and is currently atop the leaderboard based on her results at the Jones 10 Mile (2nd), New Bedford Half Marathon (3rd) and the Bedford 12k (2nd). The women's team is also in the top spot, having gone 4-4 in the 2012 USATF New England Grand Prix Series.

Next up in the series is the Carver 5 Mile on Saturday, July 28th in Carver, MA.

1. Brett Ely 35:31
2. Lindsay Willard 35:51
3. Caroline Bjune 36:45
7. Lesley Hocking 38:20
17. Katie O'neil 40:14
33. Beth Coughlin 41:55
35. Amanda Walsh 42:02
59. Pamela Kustas 44:19
119. Karen Ringheiser 49:34

29. Andreas Heilmann 33:57
36. Wayne Levy 34:11
65. Matthew Herman 35:43
83. Anthony Crudale 36:53
89. Ben Schersten 37:08
118. Michael Mcgrane 38:33
128. Alexander Kolb 38:46
154. Kyle Bowers 39:54
155. Kevin Grant 39:56
201. Craig Macfarlane 41:39
241. John Podobinski 42:56
285. Jim Thompson 44:35
296. Peter Decambre 44:57
485. Harry Carter 51:41

Click here for results.

Click here for the 2012 USATF New England Grand Prix standings.
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1972 - Women Official Entrants in Marathon

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