Lucky Number 13: B.A.A. Men's & Women's Open Teams Take Thirteenth Consecutive B.A.A. Half Marathon Titles; Dionne Takes Silver at the Hartford Marathon, Qualifies for 2016 USA Olympic Team Trials- Women's Marathon

13 OCT 2013
Lucky Number 13: B.A.A. Men's & Women's Open Teams Take Thirteenth Consecutive B.A.A. Half Marathon Titles; Dionne Takes Silver at the Hartford Marathon, Qualifies for 2016 USA Olympic Team Trials- Women's Marathon
Columbus Day Weekend falls during peak racing time in New England and B.A.A. athletes took full advantage of the autumn weather and high quality races to compete against some of best regional runners. In the first two days of the three-day weekend, the B.A.A. was represented on the podium at the B.A.A. Half Marathon and the Hartford Marathon and Half-Marathon.

On Sunday, October 13th, twenty-eight club members took off from Franklin Park to race in the 2013 B.A.A. Half Marathon. When the final results were tabulated, the B.A.A. had three new trophies boasting the Men's Open Champions, the Women's Open Champions and the Men's Masters' Champions. In the thirteen-year history of the race, no team has been able to interrupt the winning streaks of the men's and women's open teams.

Jonathan Baker who was part of the winning team in 2012, led the team this year with his 21st place finish. Nils Schallner also broke into the top twenty-five crossing the line in 24th place overall. The next three team members across the line were separated by less than a minute; Dave Brown, Matt Carter and former B.A.A. Half Marathon Champion Wayne Levy completed the scoring for the team. Levy, a top regional master’s runner, also had the distinction of leading the B.A.A. Men's Masters' Team to victory and took the runner-up spot in the masters' division. Ravenna Neville was the first B.A.A. woman to cross the line and claimed tenth-place with her 1:22:17. Solid performances by Caroline Bjune and Pamela Manley ensured the thirteenth consecutive victory for the Women's Open Team.

The B.A.A. also had a number of runner's selected to compete in the 'New England's Finest Program hosted by the Hartford Marathon/Half Marathon/5k in Hartford, CT on Saturday, October 12th. Defending marathon champion Hilary Dionne ran just a few seconds off of her personal best to take the runner-up spot. Her 2:39:39 met the "B" standard for the 2016 USA Olympic Team Trials - Women's Marathon. Sarah Bard who posted her 8th consecutive marathon PR, missed the 2:43 standard by a mere 16 seconds to take the bronze. Bard was satisfied with her performance and plans to make another attempt at the "B" standard. Recent college graduate Emily D'Addario posted a 2:57:11 in her debut marathon. Her performance is even more impressive in that the 22-year old D'Addario was a collegiate soccer player before a concussion forced her to retire from soccer and join the cross country team. Her performance earned her 8th overall.

In the half-marathon, Brian Harvey and Nicholas Wheeler both took top-ten finishes with Harvey placing fifth and Wheeler in eighth. It was double-bronze for the B.A.A. masters with Christopher Lawrence and Mimi Fallon each taking third in that category.

With the weekend road races complete, the focus is shifting to the cross country championship season. The next club race will be the Mayor's Cup Cross Country at Franklin Park on Sunday, October 27th. The club will return to Franklin Park for a third time this fall to contest the USATF New England Cross Country Championship on Sunday, November 10th. On the roads, the club will be well-represented at the USATF New England Marathon Championship, hosted by the Manchester City Marathon in Manchester, NH on Sunday, November 3rd.

B.A.A. Half Marathon Results
21 . Jonathan Baker 1:11:00
24 . Nils Schallner 1:13:46
34 . Dave Brown 1:15:34
36 . Matthew Carter 1:15:57
39 . Wayne Levy 1:16:29
44 . Matthew Simonson 1:17:55
45 . Kenneth Wedel 1:18:08
47 . Chris George 1:18:12
48 . Lindsay Smith 1:18:18
49 . Bastien Martini 1:18:46
54 . Brian Murphy 1:19:13
58 . Kevin Hill 1:20:03
68 . Ravenna Neville 1:22:17
97 . Christopher Marshall 1:24:28
100 . Patrick Stumbras 1:24:44
110 . Caroline Bjune 1:25:19
112 . Alexander Kolb 1:25:32
113 . Pamela Manley 1:25:38
120 . Brandon Heimer 1:26:11
128 . John Barrett 1:26:36
143 . Brian Foley 1:27:41
323 . Christopher Ashe 1:37:03
501 . Benjamin Krass 1:37:23
872 . John Stuart 1:45:22
1349 . Mae Shoemaker 1:47:55
2851 . Harry Carter 2:06:39
6095 . Mark Monti 2:42:22
6526 . Anthony Cellucci 3:31:48

Men's Open Team Results:
1. Boston Athletic Association 6:12:39
Jonathan Baker 1:11:00; Nils Schallner 1:13:46; Dave Brown 1:15:34; Matthew Carter 1:15:57; Wayne Levy 1:16:29; Matthew Simonson 1:17:55; (Kenneth Wedel 1:18:08; Chris George 1:18:12)
2. Greater Boston Track Club 7:07:38
3. Somerville Road Runners 7:43:18

Women's Open Team Results:
1. Boston Athletic Association 4:13:05
Ravenna Neville 1:22:16; Caroline Bjune 1:25:18; Pamela Manley 1:25:31; (Mae Shoemaker 1:47:22)
2. Cambridge Running Club 4:59:43
3. Greater Norwood Running Club 5:01:39

Men's Masters Team Results:
1. Boston Athletic Association 6:46:53
Wayne Levy 1:16:29 ; Brian Murphy 1:19:13; Kevin Hill 1:20:03; Patrick Stumbras 1:24:44; John Barrett 1:26:34 ;(Brian Foley 1:27:37; Christopher Ashe 1:33:55)
2. 8:07:30 Somerville Road Runners
3. 8:27:58 L Street Running Club

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Hartford Marathon Results:
16. Hilary Dionne 2:39:39
17. Sarah Bard 2:43:16
43. Emily D'Addario 2:57:11
183. Carolyn Williams 3:18:28
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Hartford Half Marathon Results:
5. Brian Harvey 1:08:06
8. Nicholas Wheeler 1:09:26
28. Christopher Lawrence 1:16:10
37. Ryan Davenport 1:18:17
73. Mimi Fallon 1:24:05
74. Laura Brustolon 1:24:10
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B.A.A. Moment 2

1935 John A. Kelley

Born in West Medford, Massachusetts as one of ten children, Kelley ran track and cross-country at Arlington High School in Massachusetts. He did not finish his first Boston Marathon in 1928, but eventually competed in a record 61 Boston Marathons. A legend of the marathon, Kelley won the 1935 and 1945 runnings of the Boston Marathon. He finished in second place at Boston a record seven times. Between 1934 to 1950, he finished in the top five 15 times at Boston, consistently running in the 2:30s. He ran his last full marathon at Boston in 1992 at the age of 84, his 61st start and 58th finish there.