B.A.A. Returns to USATF New England Grand Prix Action at the Lone Gull 10k

15 SEP 2013
B.A.A. Returns to USATF New England Grand Prix Action at the Lone Gull 10k
On Sunday, September 15th, the USATF New England Grand Prix series returned after a nearly two-month hiatus. The 10k Championship was hosted by the Lone Gull 10k in Gloucester, MA, marking the second time that the race has served as the championship host.

The B.A.A. boasted three top-ten finishes with Nick Wheeler leading the men with his fifth-place finish and Mike Fisher a few spots back in tenth. In the women's race, Kasie Enman returned to action just three months after the birth of her second child. She was the first B.A.A. woman across the line in 6th place overall.

Top age-group finishers include division champions Mimi Fallon (45-49), Wayne Levy (45-49) and Harry Carter (75-79). Chris Magill was third in the 40-44 year old division. Levy and Fallon both lead their divisions in the overall grand prix standings while Magill and Carter sit solidly in second place.

The next USATF New England Grand Prix race will be the 30k Championship hosted by the Nahant 30k on Sunday, September 27, 2013 in Nahant, MA. The 2013 series will conclude with the Manchester City Marathon on Sunday, November 3 in Manchester, NH.

5. Nicholas Wheeler 31:37
10. Mike Fisher 32:00
17. David Bedoya 32:36
20. Craig McMahon 32:38
29. Nils Schallner 33:07
30. Chris Magill 33:12
38. Matthew Carter 33:51
40. Dave Brooks 33:58
44. Wayne Levy 34:17
54. Matthew Herman 34:38
58. Christopher Lawrence 34:48
74. Ben Schersten 35:50
102. Kasie Enman 36:52
112. Matthew Simonson 37:10
128. Mimi Fallon 37:48
130. Ravenna Neville 37:52
135. Caroline Bjune 38:02
138. Paul Davies 38:05
155. Joseph Hagan 39:16
164. Mark Bell 39:37
186. Brian Foley 40:52
194. Donald Kerivan 41:22
268. David Rein 43:58
716. Harry Carter 58:42

For complete results of the Lone Gull 10k, visit the event website.

Go to the USATFNE Grand Prix page to see the current standings.

B.A.A. Moment 2

1935 John A. Kelley

Born in West Medford, Massachusetts as one of ten children, Kelley ran track and cross-country at Arlington High School in Massachusetts. He did not finish his first Boston Marathon in 1928, but eventually competed in a record 61 Boston Marathons. A legend of the marathon, Kelley won the 1935 and 1945 runnings of the Boston Marathon. He finished in second place at Boston a record seven times. Between 1934 to 1950, he finished in the top five 15 times at Boston, consistently running in the 2:30s. He ran his last full marathon at Boston in 1992 at the age of 84, his 61st start and 58th finish there.