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Boston Marathon History: 1906-1910

10th Boston Marathon - Thursday, April 19, 1906

The race had its youngest winner ever and closest finish to date as Timothy Ford, an 18-year-old runner from Cambridge, crossed the line in 2:45:45 - a scant six seconds better than Roxbury’s David J. Kneeland. Ford was a post entry, the last on the list of 86 starters. At first, race officials rejected him as an entrant because he had not submitted an application. One mile from the finish, Ford caught the 24-year-old Kneeland and edged ahead. Again, Sammy Mellor was among the leaders for 13 miles before being overtaken by Kneeland and others at Wellesley Hills.

1. Timothy Ford (MA) 2:45:45
2. David J. Kneeland (MA) 2:45:51
3. Thomas P. Morrissey (NY) 2:53:41
4. P. Laffargue (NY) 2:53:56
5. John J. Hayes (NY) 2:55:38
6. Martin J. O’Neil (MA) 2:56:55
7. Thomas J. Sullivan (MA) 3:02:06
8. Ben Mann (CT) 3:02:06
9. W. R. Prouty (MA) 3:07:11
10. Harry Brawley (MA) 3:08:11


11th Boston Marathon - Friday, April 19, 1907

Thomas Longboat, of the Onandaga First Nation, from Hamilton, Ontario, won in his only Boston appearance. Longboat and Bostonian James J. Lee set a brisk pace that led a contingent of six runners past the railroad crossing in South Framingham. Once past, a freight train blocked the path of the remaining runners, enabling the pack to build an insurmountable lead. Longboat survived the sleet and rain to win by more than three minutes (2:24:24). American John J. Hayes, the 1908 Olympic Marathon gold medalist, was third.

1. Thomas Longboat (CAN) 2:24:24
2. Robert A. Fowler (MA) 2:27:54
3. John J. Hayes (NY) 2:30:38
4. James W. O’Mara (MA) 2:35:37
5. James J. Lee (MA) 2:36:04
6. Charles E. Petch (CAN) 2:36:47
7. Sidney H. Hatch (IL) 2:37:11
8. John Neary (MA) 2:37:59
9. John Lindquist (NY) 2:38:58
10. Carl D. Schlobohm (NY) 2:42:02


12th Boston Marathon - Monday, April 20, 1908

New Yorker Thomas P. Morrissey (2:25:43) edged John J. Hayes in a great battle that left only 21 seconds between the two at the finish and saw the first five runners finish within a span of two minutes. Under a bleak sky and accompanied by snow, an early pace was set by Arthur McDonald and New England 10-mile champion Roy Welton of Lawrence, Massachusetts. Morrissey overtook third-place finisher Robert A. Fowler after Cleveland Circle, and Hayes came on strong to capture second in 2:26:04.

1. Thomas P. Morrissey (NY) 2:25:43
2. John J. Hayes (NY) 2:26:04
3. Robert A. Fowler (MA) 2:26:42
4. Michael J. Ryan (NY) 2:27:08
5. W. Wood (MA) 2:27:48
6. James J. Lee (MA) 2:28:34
7. Frederick Lorz (NY) 2:32:20
8. Samuel A. "Sammy" Mellor, Jr. (NY) 2:41:17
9. A. Roy Welton (MA) 2:43:25
10. John J. Goff (MA) 2:43:54


13th Boston Marathon - Monday, April 19, 1909

Although a record of 164 runners answered the starter’s gun, the biggest story was the heat, which saw the temperature climb to 97 degrees. The conditions were intolerable for 91 entrants, who exited early, and allowed the lead to change hands on nine occasions through 20 miles. New Hampshire mill hand Henri Renaud emerged from the fray to claim victory in a time of 2:53.36. He passed through Framingham in 53rd place and, with two miles remaining, passed a weary Harry Jensen. Only Renaud was able to keep running without stopping over the final miles.

1. Henri Renaud (NH) 2:53:36
2. Harry Jensen (NY) 2:57:13
3. Patrick J. Grant (NY) 2:57:17
4. James F. Crowley (NY) 2:59:42
5. Samuel A. "Sammy" Mellor, Jr. (NY) 3:00:53
6. Joseph P. McHugh (MA) 3:01:52
7. Edward G. Ryder (MA) 3:02:48
8. Carl D. Schlobohm (NY) 3:06:10
9. Edward L. McTiernan (MA) 3:08:08
10. Robert A. Fowler (MA) 3:09:31


14th Boston Marathon - Tuesday, April 19, 1910

Fred S. Cameron from Amherst, Nova Scotia, won the race in 2:28:52 by slipping out front early and was never seriously challenged. This race marked the first appearance of the legendary Clarence H. DeMar, who made a late rush to finish second, one minute behind Cameron. DeMar would go on to win this race a record seven times. Defending champion Henri Renaud was 24th, while 1902 winner Sammy Mellor finished 34th.

1. Fred S. Cameron (CAN) 2:28:52
2. Clarence H. DeMar (MA) 2:29:52
3. James J. Corkery (CAN) 2:34:25
4. John R. Roe (CAN) 2:38:06
5. Michael J. Ryan (NY) 2:38:24
6. John J. Reynolds (NJ) 2:40:03
7. R. E. MacCormack (CAN) 2:40:25
8. Edwin A. White (NY) 2:40:50
9. E. P. Devlin (NY) 2:41:34
10. James Cleary (MA) 2:44:58


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