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Meet Alexia Parks

Alexia Parks grew up on Cape Cod with a mother and father who’d served in the Air Force as Chief Master Sergeant and Master Sergeant, respectively, and an older brother who joined the Army National Guard. “Funny enough, as a kid I didn’t even think about joining the military,” she says. It was as she got older that she realized serving our country embodied the values she wanted in her life. She chose to join the Coast Guard out of her love for the water, the humanitarian mission of the organization, and its emphasis on teamwork.

Parks began her career with a year at military prep school in Alabama in 2010, and from there enrolled in the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Upon graduation in 2015, Parks began as a Deck Watch Officer on the CGC Seneca and is now, at 26 years old, a Command Duty Officer at the District One Command Center in downtown Boston. To date, she has served five years as a cadet and three as an officer.

Parks highly values what she has seen and learned from her service in the Coast Guard. Teamwork, one of the reasons she had originally sought out the Coast Guard, has been fundamental in every duty she’s performed. “When operations pick up it becomes very clear that everyone on the team helps contribute to mission success,” she says.

The missions that Parks has completed range from Maritime Environmental Protection and Marine Resources to Defense Readiness and Search & Rescue. She looks back on the experience of meeting former President Barack Obama at her graduation from the Academy as one of her favorite moments in the service.

Parks is excited for what she will do, learn, and achieve with her career going forward with the motto “Take it tour by tour.”

Having grown up in Massachusetts and seen the spirit of the Boston Marathon year after year, Parks has always wanted to participate herself. She has lived in Boston for the past three years, and considers running the best way to explore the city. The opportunity to run through the streets of Boston for the Military Relay is one she will cherish. “I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to places in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East, but Boston is still my favorite city,” she says.

She will run the anchor leg of the Military Relay as a tribute to her fellow servicemen and women who’ve provided her with the sense of team camaraderie and family that she had hoped for when she first enlisted.

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Alexia Parks

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