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Meet Bradley Moffitt

On Memorial Day Weekend two weeks before beginning his freshman year of college, Bradley Moffitt traveled with a group of friends down to Missouri to enjoy the holiday. While there, he visited his friend who was undergoing Military Police training in Fort Leonardwood. In just six hours, Moffitt realized that he wanted to join the Army more than he wanted to attend college.

Upon returning home, he immediately reached out to an Army Recruiter. At only 17, he still needed his parents’ permission to join the army and withdraw his college entry. After writing down a list of pros and cons of each branch for the military, they approved his reasoning and signed off on his enlistment in the Army in 2009.

As an 18 year old, Moffitt’s first deployment was to Baghdad, Iraq where he served for a year. With Fort Riley, Kansas as home base over the next six years, he was deployed to Djibouti, Kuwait, and Jordan. He served as convoy security, mechanic, and training and operations noncommissioned officer. Moffitt earned numerous Military Awards and Decorations, including four Army Commendation Medals, two Army Achievement Medals, two Army Good Conduct Medals, Iraq Campaign Medal, Global War on Terror Service Medal, and the Combat Action Badge.

When asked the most memorable moments from his seven years of service, Moffitt said “the entire time.” Yet the memory of his final night on Camp Liberty in Baghdad - an all nighter of American Snapples, pizzas, and reminiscing with his comrades on pranks pulled on each other - was brought to a close by the Muslim call to prayer at sunset. “To this day, I can’t recall ever seeing a more beautiful sunset than what I did that evening, and it has reminded me constantly that no matter where I am or the circumstances there is always a peace and beauty to be found.”

Moffitt, who left Active Duty to pursue his education, is earning his Associate’s Degree from Massachusetts Bay Community College and will transfer to Webster University to complete his Bachelor’s Degree. Once he has attained his degree, Moffitt intends to commission into the Army as an Officer.

Moffitt grew up in North Reading, and every year that he can remember, he would watch the marathon at the finish line with his family. Running has also been a big part of his life; having competed in middle school and high school, Moffitt continued running and competing in different races even when overseas. Participating in the Boston Marathon this year will be a childhood dream come true.

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Bradley Moffitt

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