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Meet Graham King

Graham King is currently a Second Class Cadet in his third year at the United States Military Academy at West Point. He grew up in Natick, and although several relatives served in Vietnam and World War II, he says “I wouldn't consider mine to be a military family, just a civic-minded and moral one. I joined the army because I felt I had a duty to serve the country at large.” After doing some research at the suggestion of his guidance counselor, King realized West Point was for him. In 2015, King reported for his first year.

King’s time in the military has been very valuable to him. “So far, the people are what make the army so amazing. I’ve met some of the most capable, friendly, and trustworthy people here at the academy, and they make all the difficult things worth it.”

“While it’s rigorous here for sure, my experience doesn’t hold a candle to the hardships of a deployment or the field,” he says. At the same time he is appreciating all aspects of his experience, including the the 2016 Army - Navy Football Game, where Army won for the first time in 14 years. Watching the Corps of Cadets storm the field, along with alumni and officers was “quite something”.

King also ran for the Natick High School cross country and track and field teams. He, along with high school classmate Dylan Jones, represented Natick at the B.A.A. Invitational Mile in 2015. “I’ve watched the Boston Marathon more years than I can remember,” he says.

King will run the Natick leg of the 2018 Boston Marathon Military Relay to raise awareness of the service academies to the students of his hometown and towns nearby. “There are many smart and dedicated people from the area that have the motivation, physical skill, and intelligence to succeed in the Armed Forces or at the Academy, and their only barrier is a lack of knowledge or awareness of the opportunities.”

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Graham King

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