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Meet Jeffrey Chunglo

Born in 1963, Chunglo grew up in an era where it was controversial to join the military. Even his own father, who had served in the military during World War II, advised him against it. So, Chunglo attended Northeastern University and began working as a paramedic upon graduation. Almost a decade later at 31 years old, he realized there was something still missing in his life. It was then that, despite the advice he’d been given, he enlisted in the military. His years as a paramedic gave him the trauma experience he needed, and joining the Navy was a natural fit.

For 21 years, Chunglo served in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. He served in both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

He says of his time in the Navy, “No matter how bad the conditions may be, you are never alone. There is a person right next to you who is experiencing the same situation. In these moments, you realize that you have to rely on each other for support, and the support of all the others, to achieve success. Through adversity you can achieve success.”

Chunglo has more than just personal pride to show for those 21 years. Not only was he pinned as Chief Petty Officer by his wife and son, but he also was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medal, and seven Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medals.

Even today, Chunglo is still very much involved with the military, where he serves as the Director of Veteran Services and state President for the Mass Veterans Service Officers Association.

Having lived in Ashland for 25 years, Chunglo has been a big supporter of all community events. He has run other half and full marathons, and knew it was only a matter of time before he became involved with the Boston Marathon.

Chunglo says that he runs not only in tribute to the men and women who have served, but also to raise awareness of the sacrifices made and acknowledgements earned. As part of his job as Director of Veteran Services, Chunglo knows that only 0.47% of the nation’s population is currently serving in the military. He works to educate the public about what it means to be charged with the duty of protecting our nation.

As a youth, public perception towards the military was not positive. Now, at 55 years old, Chunglo will run to demonstrate the bravery and honor behind every military enlistment.

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Jeffrey Chunglo

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