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Results & Commentary: 1990 Race Summary

1990 Mayor’s Cup Cross Country

October 28, 1990 - The inaugural Mayor’s Cup Cross Country Race held at Boston’s Franklin Park attracted only nine runners, but the late-October race was designed to provide a mid-season, competitive racing opportunity for clubs (both adult and youth).

Michael Baugh, of HFC running club (Hurtin’ For Certain), was the first male across the finish line, while Michelle DiMuro, of the Reebok Racing Team, placed first among women. The event was founded to showcase the newly-created cross country course, starting and finishing on The Playstead.

Due to its efforts in the two years leading up to U.S. National Cross Country Championship at Franklin Park in November 1991 and the IAAF World Cross Country Championships in March 1992, Boston Parks and Recreation became regarded as a proponent for cross country when the City department sought to rejuvenate the sport at one of America’s classic parks.

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1990 Race Summary

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