Poland Spring

Poland Spring

Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water is proud to be the Official Bottled Water of the 118thtm Boston Marathon. Having been a true running partner in events from 5Ks to marathons for the past 30 years, we at Poland Spring Brand know the importance of keeping runners hydrated and are excited to do our part along Boston’s iconic 26.2-mile course.

We know it takes a certain kind of person to run a marathon, the same way it takes a certain kind of water to fill a Poland Spring bottle. A beloved, local favorite since 1845, Poland Spring Natural Spring Water offers natural goodness that begins at our Maine sources, because we believe that when you start better, you finish better.

Good luck with your training. We will see you at the finish line.

Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water.

For more information, visit www.polandspring.com

B.A.A. Moment 8

1996 - Centennial Boston Marathon

The historic centennial Boston Marathon in 1996 was monumental for many reasons. It was the not only the first time that the ChampionChip timing and scoring device was used in a major US Marathon, but it was the largest running event ever held at the time. 

The starting field of 38,708 stood for more than seven years as the largest in the history of the sport. Included among the finishers were 16 Boston champions.