Obsessively organic. Purely delicious.

Here at Stonyfield, we’re really proud to say we make the Official Yogurt of the 2014 Boston Marathon! We’re as passionate about organic food as marathoners are about their long runs. We obsess over everything we put into our delicious, organic yogurt, milk, frozen yogurt and smoothies, and everything we keep out.

“Organic” means we make it all without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics and GMOs. In other words, we make healthy food for healthy people and a healthy planet.

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B.A.A. Moment 4

1972 - Women Official Entrants in Marathon

Although Bobbi Gibb was the first woman to complete the Boston Marathon in 1966, it was not until the 1972 Boston Marathon that women could become official entrants due to a change in AAU rules.