As China's largest residential home developer, we have provided over 400,000 high quality and affordable homes to ordinary families in more than 60 cities. By using prefabrication techniques, we have developed half of China's certified green homes, resulting in a reduction of carbon emission and deforestation globally.  As a strong believer in social responsibility, our national program has provided medical treatments to thousands of underprivileged Chinese children suffering from Congenital Heart Diseases.

As an official sponsor of the Boston Marathon this year, we wish to share our enthusiasm, energy, and vision for a better life with all runners!  In particular, we want to raise awareness of low-cost prenatal screening as an effective means to detect and prevent congenital deformities affecting millions of children in the developing world.

B.A.A. Moment 6

1983 - Greg Meyer

in 1983 Greg Meyer won the Boston Marathon, and remains the last American to have won the men's open division. 

Photo Credit: Fay Foto