CYCLE Kids, Inc.

CYCLE Kids, Inc.
5 JFK Street, Suite 205
Cambridge, MA O2138
Julianne Idlet
CYCLE Kids, Inc. is no longer accepting applications for invitational entry into the 2017 Boston Marathon. Officially qualified participants who are already entered in the 2017 Boston Marathon that wish to raise funds for CYCLE Kids, Inc. may still do so using the contact information above.

CYCLE Kids is about active healthy living for children and families. Using the fun, simple and captivating skill of riding a bike, students and families become more active, make healthier eating choices, and develop stronger social connections with their peers and community members.

We believe…

  • Every child should feel confident and proud.
  • Every child deserves a chance for a better future.
  • Every child should have the opportunity to be happy and healthy.

The CYCLE Kids program, taught in physical education classes in elementary schools, helps children develop physically and emotionally through the fun of learning how to ride a bike and how to make good nutrition choices. If a child feels confident and has a strong self-esteem, they will make better choices, both with choosing to be physically active, and with making healthy eating decisions. They will also have better academic focus and will make better social choices.

Run for CYCLE Kids and join us in our vision to leave a lasting impact on an entire generation by advancing the health of children and families.

We are thrilled to be an official charity of the 121st Boston Marathon. A partnership between CYCLE Kids and the Boston Athletic Association in the 2017 Boston Marathon is a partnership for the health and wellbeing of children and families in our community.

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CYCLE Kids, Inc.

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