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Thank you for volunteering at the 2016 B.A.A. 10K!

We are proud to say that our steadfast volunteers and determined participants came together at the sixth annual B.A.A. 10K, presented by Brigham and Women's Hospital, to celebrate the sport in the spirit of competition, personal bests, and summer fun. Thank you for your service as a 2016 B.A.A. 10K volunteer!

This year's event highlighted an American record, featured over 7,800 10K finishers, empowered 180 Youth Race participants, and enabled Brigham and Women's Hospital to raise over $100,000. A summary of Sunday's inspirational race can be found here.

We value your opinion. Please let us know of any insights which may prove helpful to us which you observed either as part of the volunteer process or working on race day. We hope you had a great time at your assignment and that you will join us for future B.A.A. events!
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