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Thank you volunteers!

Every April we rely on 9,400 volunteers to create the irreplaceable experience that our 30,000-plus participants have come to expect. You welcome, encourage, support and comfort our guests to generate a feeling of goodwill that is felt around the world. On behalf of John Hancock Financial, our principal sponsor, and all of our other sponsors and supporters, we thank you for volunteering at the 2016 Boston Marathon.

On April 19, a local writer wrote that "A finish line not only symbolizes what you've accomplished, but how far you've come to accomplish it. . . . Running or pushing the Boston Marathon is a triumph of heart, body and mind."

Those are powerful words, but they are only possible when the operation of the race is supportive and steadfast from every possible perspective. Thanks to your dedication and expertise, participants do not have to worry about anything other than competing. Very few events can match the sense of assurance which you provide at the Boston Marathon. Please enjoy and be proud of that distinction. It is a feeling of satisfaction that few can share, and it is a privilege to be associated with all of you.

We sincerely hope to see you again soon. Please mark your calendars to check www.baa.org shortly after the New Year for information on the 2017 Boston Marathon.

Boston Athletic Association

Our next volunteer opportunity will be at the 2016 B.A.A. 10K to be held on Sunday, June 26. Volunteer registration for the 2016 B.A.A. 10K will open in May 2016. Volunteer registration for the 2017 Boston Marathon will open right after the New Year.


In the months leading up to the 2016 Boston Marathon, the B.A.A. is recognizing truly outstanding volunteer groups that are part of what make B.A.A. races, including the Boston Marathon, such community-driven events. We invite you to take a few moments to learn more about these recognized groups and they great work they do! Thank you to all volunteer groups!

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