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Thank you volunteers!

Thank you for your interest in the 2018 Boston Marathon and B.A.A. 5K Volunteer Program! We will begin to accept volunteer application on Thursday, January 4.


To 2017 Boston Marathon and B.A.A. 5K volunteers:

Each year, on the third Monday of April, nearly 30,000 athletes journey from Hopkinton to Boston in pursuit of athletic excellence, human connection, and personal accomplishment. Their stories of perseverance, triumph and heart would not be possible without the support and loyalty of our 9,400 volunteers. On behalf of our many partners with whom we collaborate to make the race happen, we thank you for your volunteer service at the 2017 Boston Marathon. 

The dedication and enthusiasm that you bring to your assignment resonates with each and every participant. Whether at Bib Stuffing in early April, at the John Hancock Sports and Fitness Expo on race weekend, or along the course on race day, our volunteers are the cornerstone of the Boston Marathon experience. We hope you will take a moment this week to recognize the impact you have made as a valued contributor to one of the world's most prestigious athletic events. 

We are already looking forward to the 2018 Boston Marathon and hope to see you at another B.A.A. event soon!

The Boston Athletic Association 

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