Dream Big!

Dream Big!
P.O. Box 66297
Auburndale, MA, 02466

Linda Driscoll
888.291.7664 ext 701


Dream Big! is no longer accepting applications for the 2014 Boston Marathon. Qualified runners that have been accepted in the 2014 Boston Marathon are invited to contact us for more information about joining our team.
The mission of Dream Big! is to help low-income and homeless girls achieve their dreams by providing the basic items necessary to enable them to participate in sports and physical activities helping to lay the foundation for healthy, active lifestyles and quality learning experiences.

Dream Big! partners with organizations, schools and community health centers in economically disadvantaged communities in Massachusetts to identify and fulfill the equipment, uniform, footwear, program fees and training needs of low-income and homeless girls, in elementary, junior high and high school in order to help them engage in sports and physical activities that contribute to their overall health, fitness, and well-being.
In addition Dream Big! works to create opportunities for girls to develop social connections with peers and mentors; maintain healthy, active lives; assume leadership roles; and grow physically, emotionally, and socially through sports, the Dream Big! Leadership Conference and the “Team Dream Big!” athlete mentoring program.

Dream Big! equipment donations, program scholarships, sports clinics and the Dream Big! Leadership Conference impacted over 3500 girls from 60 different programs and schools in economically disadvantaged communities over the last three years. Funds raised through the B.A.A. Boston Marathon Charity Program will help Dream Big! to further breakdown the economic barrier that currently prevents many girls from participating in sports and physical activities by increasing equipment and athletic footwear donations, program scholarships, sports clinics and training opportunities available to girls in need.

B.A.A. Moment 4

1972 - Women Official Entrants in Marathon

Although Bobbi Gibb was the first woman to complete the Boston Marathon in 1966, it was not until the 1972 Boston Marathon that women could become official entrants due to a change in AAU rules.