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As a running club, the B.A.A. is a perennial contender at major New England road races, indoor and outdoor track meets, and cross country events. Individually, the club boasts a number of regional champions who have participated in national and international competitions.

We offer year round programing and events
B.A.A. Youth Programs:

Since the B.A.A. renewed its commitment to youth running in 1997, nearly 35,000 Boston-area youth have experienced the inspiration and excitement of a B.A.A. program.

B.A.A. Training Programs:
Whether you are a first-time 5K runner, or a veteran marathon competitor, we know you can always use a little help. You dedicated yourself to achieving your goals in running, likely following a plan. We applaud you, and we wish you even greater success as you train for your next race. How can we help you? What guidance can we provide? See any of our B.A.A. Races for more information on that event's current training program. Or, you can contact us at train@baa.org
B.A.A. Clinic Series:
In the months leading up to the Boston Marathon, B.A.A. 10K, and the B.A.A. Half Marathon, the B.A.A. hosts monthly training clinics in conjunction with Marathon Sports and adidas Running in Boston. The free clinics are open to registered entrants of the races and their guests. We know there are many types of runners out there. Our clinics will have a unique look at how to perform your best. Each clinic will be located at Boston Marathon® adidas RunBase. Check our listing of B.A.A. Races to find out when that event will have its clinic series.
B.A.A. Running Club:

The majority of the U.S. team at the first modern Olympics, held in 1896 in Athens, Greece, was comprised of B.A.A. members. They won a total of seven medals at the Games and were inspired by the marathon at that first Olympics such that they established a marathon to conclude the B.A.A. Track & Field Games in 1897. Thus the B.A.A. Marathon was born.

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B.A.A. Programs

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