B.A.A. Pregnancy and Postpartum Deferral Policy


Who Is Eligible:

Any athlete who is a registered entrant in the Boston Marathon, the B.A.A. 5K, B.A.A. 10K or B.A.A. Half Marathon, and is or becomes pregnant prior to race day and chooses to not participate in the event due to such circumstances. For avoidance of doubt, the Boston Athletic Association considers post-partum to be 24 weeks following the birth of a child.

How to request a pregnancy or postpartum deferral:

To obtain a pregnancy or postpartum deferral, the race entrant must:

  • Submit a pregnancy or postpartum deferral request in writing to Registration@baa.org any time after receiving confirmation of acceptance into the event but no later than 14 days before race day.
  • Provide written confirmation of the entrant’s pregnancy signed by a physician, registered midwife, or other medical professional.

The Boston Athletic Association reserves the right to require additional proof of pregnancy and may reject a deferral request if the documentation verifying pregnancy is deemed insufficient.

What does a pregnancy or postpartum deferral provide:

An athlete who obtains a pregnancy or postpartum deferral will be granted guaranteed entry into either one of the next two subsequent Boston Marathons, B.A.A. 5Ks, B.A.A. 10Ks or B.A.A. Half Marathons after the initial deferred race.

All other rules and requirements for race entry after a pregnancy or postpartum deferral will apply, including payment for registration entry fees.

If an athlete becomes pregnant again during a pregnancy or postpartum deferral period, they may request a second consecutive pregnancy or postpartum deferral. This would permit them to defer their race entry for the two-year period allowed by the most recent pregnancy or postpartum deferral request.

The B.A.A. will allow no more than two consecutive pregnancy deferral requests per B.A.A. event. If the athlete is unable to compete after requesting two consecutive deferrals, the athlete understands they waive their right to a guaranteed entry and must either run another qualifying time, gain entry via invitational entry method or register during the open registration period. However, athletes are allowed to request additional non-consecutive pregnancy or postpartum deferrals for future pregnancies.

If an entry is a charity or invitational entry, the agreement made with the organization the athlete is participating on behalf of still stands, including relevant fundraising agreements. Participants must contact the organization they received their invitational entry from to make them aware of their deferral. The rules above then apply for the deferral.