Run for the B.A.A.

Run for the B.A.A.

High Performance Team. Racing Team. Club Level.

For more than a century, runners have competed as part of the B.A.A. Running Club on the local, regional, and national levels. Based in Boston, the B.A.A. Running Club features athletes of various ages and abilities striving to race their best in road races, on the track, and in cross country. The B.A.A. Running Club spans three levels: the High Performance Team, Racing Team, and Running Club.

If you are interested in joining the B.A.A. Running Club, please email Coach Healy or Coach Carroll with your Name, Phone Number, City, and State and we will be in contact to assist you.

Learn more about the B.A.A. Coaching Staff.


Learn about the three levels of the B.A.A. Running Club

High Performance Team

The High Performance Team is the professional athlete program consisting of top American distance runners pursuing the highest level of competitive racing.

Racing Team

The Racing Team represents the top performing regional runners competing at a high level seeking to achieve success while balancing work, graduate studies and/or family life.

Club Level

More than 200 members, who are competitive in their respective age divisions and race in events of all types including track, road races, marathons, trail races, and cross country meets.

B.A.A. Coaches

The B.A.A.'s coaching staff is led by Director of Athletic Performance and Head Coach, Mark Carroll and Assistant Coach, Morgan Uceny.

In the news

B.A.A. sent 14 athletes to 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Marathon

The B.A.A. sent the largest contingent among any running club in America to compete at the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Men’s and Women’s Marathon in Atlanta on February 29.