B.A.A. Running Club

B.A.A. Running Club



With more than 200 members, the B.A.A. Running Club is for runners of all ages and abilities looking to improve their fitness. The Running Club meets weekly for training runs and competes throughout New England.

As a club, the B.A.A. athletes meet weekly for coached speed workouts and training runs to support the team and individual training goals including mid-distance track events, road races from the 5k to half marathon distance, spring and fall marathons and cross country meets. A large portion of B.A.A. Running Club membership trains for and compete in the Boston Marathon each year. Additionally, B.A.A. Distance Medley races, (5k, 10k, and Half Marathon) are priority events for the Running Club and a staple in the yearly training programming.  

Inclusiveness, community and engagement are part of the fabric of the B.A.A. Running Club. Members are encouraged to volunteer within the running community with, and on behalf of, the B.A.A. and participate in club social events. Running Club members have opportunities to participate and volunteer in the B.A.A. organization races and sponsored community events as a way for the members to be engaged and stay connected to the community.  

Since 1991, the B.A.A. Running Club has been a proud partner with adidas, which has provided generous support for the B.A.A. Running Club allowing the members to enjoy extensive training and racing benefits throughout the year. Therefore, B.A.A. Running Club members are required, as a condition of their membership agreement, to wear the club-issued team uniform, adidas footwear, apparel and accessories at organized club practices and during all competitions, including warm-ups, cool downs and throughout award ceremonies.  


With the support of adidas, the B.A.A. Running Club can provide generous benefits to the membership including experienced and professional coaching offering advanced training programming along with the structured support of indoor and outdoor track facility use for year-round training. In addition, club members receive entry access into The Boston Marathon, select regional and national team competitions, B.A.A. Distance Medley races and receive high quality team racing uniforms and select adidas team gear.


The B.A.A. Running Club is a competitive USATF-New England club that welcomes runners of all ages and a range of abilities. It is the goal of the club to maintain a competitive level and achieve team success in the New England region while fostering growth of new members who support the collective team goals. Members must currently reside in the New England region. While specific qualifying time standards are not identified for age and gender of the Club Level tier, we do review and consider the athlete’s level of fitness and the potential for development when reviewing new member candidates.  


The B.A.A. Running Club accepts application throughout the year and reviews candidates monthly. The yearly membership fee is $100. If you are interested in joining the B.A.A. Running Club, please email Coach Healy or Coach Carroll with your Name, Phone Number, City, and State and we will be in contact to assist you.