B.A.A. Statement on Diana Kipyokei

The Boston Athletic Association has received the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) findings in regards to Diana Kipyokei. As a result of the AIU findings and in conformance with World Athletics and B.A.A. event rules, Kipyokei’s result in the 2021 Boston Marathon will be disqualified, pending the completion of relevant athlete appeals processes.

The Boston Athletic Association supports strict anti-doping measures to ensure fair competition and clean sport. Athletes in the professional divisions at the Boston Marathon are tested in accordance with the guidelines set forth by World Athletics, the World Anti-Doping Agency, and the United States Anti-Doping Agency. The B.A.A. is committed to providing a fair environment for competition and supports all measures that ensure the integrity of the sport.

The B.A.A. will adjust race rankings and will provide prize award adjustments to top finishers of the 2021 event, pending the sanctioning.