Duo team

Duo team



A Duo Team is comprised of a runner pushing a non-ambulatory person with a permanent physical impairment in a customized racing wheelchair.


  • As with any official participant of the Boston Marathon, both the duo runner and duo rider must be at least 18 years of age on race day.
  • The duo rider must be non-ambulatory and possess a permanent physical impairment that aligns with the eligible impairment types defined by World Para Athletics. Refer to Eligibility for more information.
  • The duo rider must provide impairment documentation at time of registration or have documentation on file with the B.A.A.


  • The Duo Team must compete together and achieved the Boston Marathon Qualifying Standard for the duo runner’s age and gender on a certified marathon course within the qualifying window.
  • Qualifying standards for runners in Para Athletics Divisions and Adaptive Programs may not be used to qualify for the Duo Team Program.
  • In the qualifying race, only the duo runner may push the duo rider in the customized racing wheelchair. No race performances in which another individual pushed the racing chair will be accepted.
  • In the qualifying race, the duo rider must remain securely seated in the customized racing wheelchair throughout the duration of the race. No performances in which the duo rider did not remain in the racing wheelchair will be accepted.
  • Both members of a Duo Team must qualify, register, and compete together as a team if accepted.
  • Duo runner or duo rider substitutions are not permitted.   


  • To apply, one member of a Duo Team should complete and submit a Boston Marathon race registration during the registration period and enter the qualifying race information for the team. 
  • On the race registration form, the applicant should select "Adaptive Programs" and then select "Duo Team" in the Para Athlete section. 
  • Should the Duo Team be accepted, the B.A.A. shall contact the registered team member with registration instructions for the second Duo Team member.
  • Both members of a Duo Team must complete and submit a Boston Marathon race registration, however only one entry fee will apply. 


  • A minimum of two entries will be reserved for non-qualified eligible Duo Teams seeking entrance through an invitational entry method.
  • A non-qualified Duo Team may apply for entry into the Duo Team Program of the Boston Marathon using an invitational entry if all of the following are true:
    • The duo runner and duo rider meet the eligibility requirements for the Duo Team Program, and
    • The Duo Team has achieved or bettered a minimum performance standard of 6 hours (6:00:00) on a certified marathon course during the current qualifying window.
  • If there are more eligible non-qualified Duo Teams than available spots, the B.A.A. will use a random selection process from the pool of eligible duo teams to fill remaining spots.
  • The B.A.A. must be notified of a potential Duo Team applicant seeking entrance through an invitational entry by a specified date.
  • Notification does not guarantee acceptance.


  • The duo rider must be securely fastened in a customized racing wheelchair throughout the race.
  • Wheelchairs with motors, hand cranks, foot pedals, or gears are not permitted.
  • Only the duo runner may push the customized racing wheelchair.
  • All Duo Teams will start the race at a designated time determined by the B.A.A.


  • The names of both duo team members will appear in race results.
  • Because the Duo Team Program is a separate event group, the duo runner and duo rider are not ranked among the Open field and are not eligible for an age group award.