2023 Registration Insurance Overview

The Boston Athletic Association is proud to offer registration protection through Protecht’s service, RegShield. Athletes can elect to purchase RegShield at the point of registration, for the 126th Boston Marathon, scheduled to take place on Monday, April 17, 2023.

Registration protection insures race entry fees and ancillary purchases, and must be purchased during the event registration process. Upon formal acceptance into the Boston Marathon, participants will be charged for the race entry, ancillary purchases, and registration protection fee. Athletes will receive confirmation emails separately from the B.A.A. and RegShield. The email from RegShield will confirm the registration protection purchase and include the policy number needed in the event of filing a claim.

Policy coverage includes:
  • Loss of job for policy holder or their spouse;
  • Severe weather which prevents policy holder from attending race;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Serious injury or unforeseen illness occurring to the policy holder or policy holder's family member;
  • Policy holder on active military duty;
  • Policy holder being involved in a traffic accident;
  • Mechanical breakdown of policy holder's vehicle within 48 hours of event;
  • Fire, burglary, vandalism, or natural disaster causing policy holder's home to be uninhabitable;
  • Additional perils which are detailed in full on the RegShield website.
Policy coverage does not include:
  • If the B.A.A. and event organizers cancel the race due to factors outside of their control;
  • If the B.A.A. and event organizers disqualify an athlete based on our COVID-19 mitigation protocols; 
  • If the athlete does not attend the event because they are concerned about the coronavirus (COVID-19), are self-isolating with or without a positive COVID-19 test, experience a delay or cancellation of travel due to COVID-19, or other non-COVID-19 communicable diseases leading to quarantines or travel restrictions.
  • Please see the complete COVID-19 exclusion FAQ page at this website: RegShield COVID-19 Info
  • The exclusions are dependent on your state or country of residence. Please refer to RegShield, for additional terms & conditions based on residence: Policy Coverage Exclusions 
Can registration protection be canceled after purchasing?
  • Domestic athletes have 72 hours to cancel their registration protection purchase and receive a refund.
  • International athletes have 14 days to cancel their registration protection purchase and receive a refund.
  • The cancellation window would begin once the athlete receives their race acceptance & RegShield confirmation emails.