Boston Marathon Volunteer Registration



Question Answer
How do I make a change to my application? If you need to make a change to your application, you can log into your Athletes' Village account, go to the Volunteer tab, and click into your registration by using the 127th Boston Marathon link. From there, you'll be able to join a group, change jacket size, or submit another request!
How do I apply as a medical volunteer? New medical volunteers are able to apply as a Medical - Wherever I'm Needed volunteer. As staffing needs become apparent, volunteers from this list will be assigned to the appropriate locations. If you are a returning medical volunteer, you will need a group name and passcode from your previous team captain to apply to your typical assignment.
I want to volunteer with a friend/group of people. How do we make sure we apply together? To be paired with select volunteers, first you will need to "Create a New Group" on Step 5 of the application. While creating a new group, you will be prompted to create a group name and passcode, and select up to 3 job preferences. After you submit your application, please share the group name and passcode with those you'd like to be paired with for them to use after selecting "Join an Existing Group" on Step 5 of the application.

For groups larger than 10, please email
When will I hear back about a volunteer assignment? Submitting a volunteer application does not guarantee assignment. Assignment notifications will be sent out by late March. If you have not heard from us by April 1st, please email for more information.
I'm not seeing my typical assignment when I go to select job preferences. If you're a returning volunteer, it is likely you will need the group name and passcode in order to apply to the correct assignment. Please get in touch with your team captain, or email us if you're not sure who your captain is.
What are the different job types? When selecting your assignment preferences on the application, you will first have to chose the type of job you'd like. These are:
  • Pre-race
    Anything that happens before April 17th. This includes the Boston Marathon Expo and Fan Fest.

  • Start
    These jobs are located in Hopkinton, MA either at the starting line, or in Athletes Village.

  • Finish
    Jobs located in Boston, MA. Please note: AM Bus Loading and AM Gear Check are Finish Area jobs due to their location in Boston.

  • Amateur Radio
    The Boston Marathon communications team. Job locations at the Start, Course, and Finish Areas. All volunteers must hold current FCC licenses for amateur radio positions.
  • 5k
    The B.A.A. 5k takes place on the Saturday prior to the Boston Marathon. It's a great way to volunteer in the center of Marathon weekend!

*Medical volunteers will only be able to apply to medical jobs*

Any other questions? Please let us know at!