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As the first-ever Boston Marathon municipal charity team, Team Brookline harnesses the power of sport to strengthen, support, and unite the Brookline community. Team Brookline raises funds and awareness for its five charity partners namely The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health, Brookline Education Foundation, Brookline Library Foundation, Brookline Symphony Orchestra, and Brookline Teen Center.   

Over the past decade, more than 350 novice and veteran marathoners have been part of Team Brookline and with the support of friends, family, and the local business community, our athletes have raised more than $3 million to support the arts, education, literacy, mental health, and youth development in Brookline.  

The Town of Brookline's official marathon team, Team Brookline was conceptualized and has been managed since its inception by Nancy Vineberg and the development team at The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health.  

Nancy said: “Team Brookline embodies the power of community. Our uniqueness as a Boston Marathon team lies in supporting five distinct charities. While fundraising is crucial, in a world where nonprofits often must compete for resources, we've embraced collaboration, allowing each charity to thrive. The Brookline Center's expertise and infrastructure drive this shared journey, creating a formidable force for good in our community." 

The top fundraiser for Team Brookline in 2023 was Greg Cole, raising more than $30,000! He is back to run again this year, this time with his daughter Capria Cole alongside him. 

Greg Cole: 
“I am incredibly grateful for the support and camaraderie within my team and the leadership of Team Brookline. Everyone is so supportive. From the first time we met to the day of the marathon, the bond between us is something that I know will last forever.  

“The leadership of Team Brookline believed in me last year, and I couldn't imagine running for anyone else. Their belief has been truly inspiring and has made my experience incredibly meaningful and it is my pleasure to call Team Brookline my home again. 

“I was never a runner. I was overweight and only started in 2021 when I signed up for a Santa Shuffle to honor my dad who had died 27 years prior. From a series of 5K’s to the Boston Marathon- I lost over 100 pounds and despite having two full hip replacements I crossed the finish line on Boylston Street.  

“Crossing the finish line last year was such a great moment. As I crossed the finish line my daughter said she wanted to run with me next year.  I was starting to think she forgot about it, but then she asked me when we started training. I couldn't be prouder of her commitment to the marathon. 

“We train together with our Marathon Coalition team coach Rick Muhr, we talk about it every day and we push each other. I like to think that we will run together but knowing my daughter she will likely sprint past me to ensure she beats my time.  

“My advice to my daughter or anyone else running this year? Don’t go out too fast and don’t overthink your finishing time. Coach Rick says that if you’re asked about your time, simply reply ‘the time of my life’. Have fun and finish in relative comfort.” 

Capria Cole: 
“I am 17 years old and will turn 18 in March this year – just in time to do the marathon. I am a current senior student at Hamilton Wenham Regional High School, and I will be furthering my academic career at High Point University in North Carolina. 

“I have seen all the hard work and dedication that my dad puts into improving every day, and I knew that I wanted to do the same. I am so proud of him, and I want to work by his side to better ourselves.  

“I’ve always been athletic but only started running during COVID so I could get out of the house and stick to a hobby. This opportunity means a lot to me, and I am grateful that the team believes in me and that our coach believes I can make it to the finish line. 

“It feels amazing that I can be changing so many lives by doing something that I love. I will forever be grateful for my supportive teammates and the life-long friendships I have made.  

“My dad is always giving me small tips to stay healthy and motivated. During the car rides to morning practice, he always encourages me to drink my water while we jam out to our music and get hyped for our extensive run. 

“On race day, I'll definitely stay with my dad for the first few miles as it’s a once in a lifetime experience to be running the Boston Marathon with him. I love him so much, but I will be crossing the finish line before him!” 

Learn more about The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health, Team Brookline, and support Greg and Capria on their marathon journeys.