Special Olympics Massachusetts


Special Olympics Massachusetts believes that everyone deserves to be fully included in their community. Through the power of sports, Special Olympics is working to make our lives more inclusive. The funds raised through the B.A.A. 5K will provide opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities to compete and train in an inclusive and supportive environment.

Run for Special Olympics Massachusetts on the Xtra Mile 5K Team

The Xtra Mile is a group of runners, cyclists, and triathletes who have chosen to show their support for Special Olympics athletes in their community though endurance training and competition. The best part about running with the Xtra Mile is that you will be running the race alongside Special Olympics athletes. Our team structure is designed to include athletes of all abilities, so that we can truly experience inclusion together.

Interested in how to sign up to run for Special Olympics Massachusetts? Click below:

What going the Xtra Mile really means:

Anyone can register for the B.A.A. 5K. Anyone can sign up for a race, show up at the start line, and carry themselves to the finish line.

But we know you can do more than that. We know that you look at yourself as a member of the running community, a member of the sports landscape of Boston. And as any good community member, we know you are willing and able to go the Xtra Mile and support a cause that helps that same running community and helps expand the sports landscape in Boston and across Massachusetts. Please consider joining the Special Olympics Xtra Mile 5K team to:

  • Show your support for Inclusion through sports.
  • Show you are committed to something bigger than yourself.
  • Show you believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to get to the start line and
  • Show that you know everyone has the ability to cross the finish line.

Special Olympics athletes do not just show up and receive a medal. They train throughout the season, compete in local and regional competitions and ultimately rise to the State, National and International level based on their skill and personal determination. By Joining the Xtra Mile 5K team, you will be helping to provide high quality training equipment, access to the best venues for competition, and opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities to be included in sports and in life.