Download the 2024 Boston 5K Participant Guide

  • Registration for the 2024 Boston 5K has now closed, having reached the maximum field size on January 31.
  • The field size is limited to the first 10,000 entrants, and registration was first-come, first-served.
  • All athletes will receive an adidas Boston 5K participant shirt plus race day amenities and unicorn finisher medal.
  • U.S. residents will be mailed their Bib Number and Participant Guide in late March. 
  • International residents (including Canada) may pick up their bib number at the Boston 5K bib counter at the Expo on Friday, April 12 or on race day at the Registration Tent near the start area.
  • If you misplace your bib, or it gets damaged, a replacement bib will be issued at the Boston 5K bib counter at the Expo on Friday, April 12 or on race day at the Registration Tent near the start area.
  • A government issued photo ID is required to pick up or replace your bib number.
  • Only the registered participant may pick up his or her bib number.
  • Check that your registration information is correctly imprinted upon your bib.
  • Do not fold or forcefully bend your bib.
  • The timing and scoring device is affixed to the back of your bib and should not be damaged or removed from the bib.
  • Please wear your bib on the front of your torso on your outer-most layer.
  • Bib numbers cannot be refunded, deferred, or transferred.
  • If inaccuracies appear on the bib number, or your bib number appears damaged, please call the B.A.A. Registration Office at (508) 435-6905 or send an email to
  • The closest MBTA stop to the start area is Park Street on either the Green or Red Line.
  • Boylston and Arlington are also nearby stops on the Green Line.
  • For a complete map and schedule, visit
  • The B.A.A. recommends parking at the 100 Clarendon Street Garage in Boston’s Back Bay.
  • Drop-off locations are available on Beacon St, Boylston St, Tremont St. near the start area.
  • Gear check is available near the start area on Boston Common.
  • You must use the plastic bag provided by the B.A.A. to check your belongings.
  • Use the gear check tag affixed to your bib number to identify your bag once the race has concluded.
  • Do not check valuables.
  • The B.A.A. is not responsible for lost items.
  • The Boston 5K starts at 8:00 a.m. The start line is on Charles Street between the Boston Public Garden and Boston Common.
  • A multiple-wave start program will be used, and athletes will self-seed on race morning based on bib number.
  • Signs will be positioned near the start area to indicate your start position.
  • The timing and scoring system will begin recording your time once you cross the starting line. Your net time will be your official time.
  • An electronic timing system will enable you to receive your net time, which will be your official time. 
  • The timing and scoring tag will be affixed to the back of your bib, and must not be bent, creased, or cracked for you to be scored, timed, and to appear among the results as an official finisher. 
  • Wear your bib on the front of your torso on your outer-most layer. 
  • Results will be posted online after the race concludes.
  • To be recognized as an official finisher, you must complete the event within the allotted time of one hour from the time the last athlete crosses the start line.
  • Medical personnel will be on site for emergency care as well as to attend to critical and non-critical injuries.
  • MarathonFoto is the official photographer of the Boston 5K. 
  • Each entrant will receive an email following the race with details regarding the purchase of photographs.