What to Expect at the Finish Line:
  • Two complete and staffed medical tent facilities. Only runners needing medical attention will be allowed to enter the medical areas. The B.A.A. is not responsible for race-related injuries and athletes are responsible for individual expenses incurred. 
  • Poland Spring Water, Finisher Medals, Heatsheet® Blanket, Gatorade Endurance Formula, Food Bags, Poland Spring Water, and additional products. 
  • There will be two locations for you to exit from the Boylston Street finish area to the Family Meeting Area, shown on the map below. 
  • If you use the Gear Check on Boylston Street, after retrieving your bag you will still need to exit following the path described above.
What's Your Plan?
What's Your Plan
  • Remember to make a plan with loved ones on where to meet post-race. The Family Meeting Area on Stuart, Berkeley, and Clarendon Streets feature alphabetical signs for easy reuniting.
  • Be sure to fill out your medical history and emergency contacts pre-race. This helps the B.A.A. in case you need aid at any time on race day.
  • Encourage your spectators to follow your progress on course using the B.A.A. Racing App.
  • Be patient after the finish! It can take time to proceed through the finish system, up to 30 minutes in some cases. Spectators needing assistance reuniting with participants can speak with volunteers at the Information Booth in the Family Meeting Area.

See a map of the finish area below:

Finish area
Family Meeting Area
  • We encourage participants to make plans for reuniting with family and friends prior to the race. 
  • Arrange to meet friends or family in the Family Meeting Area.
  • Remember that collecting your medal, fluids, and refreshments may take considerable time. Please advise your friends and family accordingly and ask them to be patient. 
  • Due to road closures, inform your friends that they will not be able to drive vehicles close to the finish area.