• Two complete and staffed medical tent facilities.
  • The B.A.A. is not responsible for race-related injuries and athletes are responsible for individual expenses incurred.
  • Only runners needing medical attention will be allowed to enter the medical areas.
  • Poland Spring Water, Finisher Medals, Heatsheet® Blanket, Gatorade Endurance Formula, Clif Bar, Food Bags, Poland Spring Water, and additional products.
  • You do not need to return your bib/timing device - it is yours to keep.
  • There will be two locations for you to exit from the Boylston Street finish area to the Family Meeting Area, shown on the map below.
  • Travel east from the Finish Line up Boylston Street, then right onto Berkeley Street, exiting either (1) right on St. James Avenue or (2) right on Stuart Street.
  • If you use the Gear Check on Boylston Street, after retrieving your bag you will still need to exit following the path described above.
  • See a map of the finish area below:
2020 Boston Marathon Finish Area Map
  • We encourage participants to make plans for reuniting with family and friends prior to the race.
  • Arrange to meet friends or family in the Family Meeting Area located off of the finish area exits on Berkeley Street at St. James Avenue and Stuart Streets.
  • The Family Meeting Area is located on St. James Avenue and Stuart Street from Clarendon Street to Berkeley Street.
  • Alphabetically lettered signs will be posted, enabling your supporters to meet at the sign containing the first letter of your last name.
  • Look for AT&T’s Communication Centers in the Family Meeting Area.
  • At each of these stations, you will be able to make a complimentary call to your friends and family.
  • These stations make for an easy designated post-race meeting location for you and your supporters.
  • Remember that collecting your medal, fluids, and refreshments may take considerable time.
  • Please advise your friends and family accordingly and ask them to be patient.
  • Due to road closures, inform your friends that they will not be able to drive vehicles close to the finish area.