• On race morning, participants may check their plastic finish area gear bag at a designated gear check area the corner on Boylston Street, just beyond the finish line area.
  • This area is two blocks east of the finish line and one block west of the Boston Public Garden. 
  • Signs at the gear check area will be color coded by waves with numbers corresponding to participant bib numbers, indicating where to drop your bag. 
  • A pre-approved finish area gear check bag will be included with your race packet at Number Pick-up at the Boston Marathon Expo. 
  • The clear drawstring bag measures 18” x 19” with a 5” gusseted bottom is labeled on one side as your finish area gear bag.
  • No other bags will be accepted.
  • Luggage that does not fit within the pre-approved finish area bag will NOT be accepted. 
  • In your race packet, you will receive a pre-printed adhesive label with your bib number on it that should be used for gear check. 
  • You must affix the label to your approved gear bag before handing it to race personnel. 
  • The drawstrings on the bag should be cinched and tied to ensure that your belongings do not fall out. 
  • No gear check bags will be allowed on the B.A.A. shuttle buses to Hopkinton. 
  • Do not check any valuables. 
  • Although we will do our best to ensure that your gear is waiting for you at the end of the race, we are not responsible for lost items and/or gear check bags.
  • There is no gear check in Hopkinton. 
  • No gear check bags will be accepted in, or transported from, Hopkinton.
  • The only bag allowed on B.A.A. buses and in the Athletes’ Village is the one gallon plastic Start Area Bag that is provided to all entrants at Number Pick-up at the Boston Marathon Expo. 
  • This Start Area Bag primarily serves to carry food items to the start. 
  • Absolutely no bags other than the plastic Start Area Bag will be allowed on buses to the start (exceptions are listed on our Allowable and Prohibited Items page).