Rolling Start — What to Know:
  • Upon arriving in Hopkinton, participants may use facilities, grab water, and stretch prior to walking to the start line.
  • Race officials will provide directions and assistance to all entrants, and will keep athletes moving toward the start line.
  • Athletes are requested to wear their masks up until the starting line, where trash receptacles will be available.
  • All runners have been numbered according to qualifying times, facilitating a rolling start comparable to previous wave starts. Runners are seeded among other runners with similar qualifying times.
  • Only official runners with a B.A.A.-assigned bib number AND B.A.A. bracelet will be allowed to enter the start area.
  • Participants who do not follow race guidelines are subject to disqualification.
Start Area Map
Start Times
Division/Program Start Time*
Military March 6:00am
Men's Wheelchair 8:02am
Women's Wheelchair 8:05am
Handcycles & Duos 8:30am
Elite Men 8:37am
Elite Women 8:45am
Para Athletics Division 8:50am
Rolling Start for All Participants 9:00am
Start Line Closes 11:30am

*Start Times are subject to change


Unauthorized Participants
  • Those who are not officially registered in the Boston Marathon will not be allowed to participate. 
  • Official participants are asked to discourage family and friends who are not officially registered participants from entering the course in any manner. 
  • Many people want to participate in some way in the Boston Marathon as a display of support, but those who are not official participants are asked to refrain from entering the course for the safety of the official entrants and themselves.
  • Anyone on the course for any distance who has not been assigned, or is not displaying, an officially issued bib number from the B.A.A. is subject to interdiction. 
  • The B.A.A. reserves the right to remove any person from the course who is not displaying an official bib that has been assigned by the B.A.A. 
  • Similarly, units or groups such as military ruck-marchers, unless officially sanctioned, and cyclists will not be allowed to participate.