Our medical team offers you important information for training and competing on race day
  • Although we make every effort to provide a safe and memorable marathon experience, successful completion of this race requires careful preparation on the part of each participant. 
  • Part of this preparation is attention to health and safety. 
  • Individuals with underlying health issues are at increased risk for medical complications during the running of a marathon. 
  • While medical problems occurring during marathon running are relatively rare, they can be serious enough to result in death or long-term impairment. 
  • The majority of serious marathon-related health complications are caused by pre-existing cardiovascular conditions. Specifically, diseases of the heart muscle, heart valves, and coronary arteries may increase the risk of adverse health events during strenuous exercise. These conditions can exist for years without warning symptoms until they trigger a serious health event. 
  • Environmental stresses such as heat and cold may play a role in aggravating underlying diseases. 
  • Preventative medical attention prior to training and racing may reduce the risk of a health tragedy caused by underlying cardiovascular disease.
  • Each Boston Marathon participant assumes full responsibility for his or her health on race day. 
  • Although marathon-related health complications may not be completely preventable, certain pre-race measures may reduce each runner's risk of tragedy.