Athletes have six hours (6:00:00) from the time the last starter cross the start line to complete the course.
  • The B.A.A. uses a timing tag attached to the back of your bib number to score the race. 
  • This bib number with timing tag must be worn on the front of your running jersey or outermost garment from start to finish in order for you to be recognized as completing the race and receiving an official finish time. 
  • Those unable to complete the entire Boston Marathon course within the period of time in which official race times are recorded (six hours from the time the last official starter in the fourth wave crosses the start line), you will not be recorded in the official race results.
  • It is important that your bib not be forcefully bent, creased, or heavily wrinkled, as damaged timing tags may not work on race day. 
  • The timing tag identifies your bib number and should not be worn by any other entrant. All you must do is wear the bib; computers do the rest.
  • The B.A.A. uses “net” time as your official time. Your time, which will appear in the official results, will begin when you cross the start line. 
  • This will enable us to provide you with and score you by the net time that it took you to run the 26.2 miles of the race.
  • It is this net time which can be used as your qualifying time for the next Boston Marathon, and it is the time printed on your finisher’s certificate.