We want to see how your training is going
  • Upload your full-resolution, high-quality video below, and you could be featured in special video presentation during race weekend. 
  • Video must be submitted by March 13, 2020 in order to be considered.
  • Please include your full name (as it appears in registration) in the file name you upload.
  • Video should be anywhere from 10 seconds and up to 1 minute.
  • We prefer action shots of you running down the road, on a trail, etc.
  • To send your video clip to us, click below:
  • Be sure to upload the highest quality version of your video (full-sized/full quality).
  • If you capture your video on a mobile device, be sure NOT to compress the video, and only upload original version to the above link.
  • Do not upload compressed video that was posted to social media.
  • Try to capture your video in landscape mode on your mobile device (with the phone to the side). However, portrait is okay as well.
  • Make sure the footage is not shaky, blurry, or darkly lit.
  • Get someone else to capture you running in the video, rather than trying to hold the device and run.
  • Do not upload any inappropriate video.
  • If you upload your video to the above link, you are giving the Boston Athletic Association full usage rights over the content.