The Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) announced on Thursday, November 18 that all qualified athletes who submitted applications during the 2022 Boston Marathon registration window (November 8-12) will be accepted into the April 18th race, provided their qualifying time is verified. For the first time since 2013, the “cut-off” time is 0 minutes and 0 seconds.

Nearly 24,000 applications were submitted over the five-day registration window. The B.A.A. is currently in the process of verifying and confirming all qualifying time submissions. Applicants will receive official notice of acceptance by early December, once their qualifying time has been approved and credit cards are successfully charged. Athletes who have been officially accepted into the race will also receive more information on the process to provide proof of vaccination or request a medical exemption. Applicants are asked not to send additional qualifying information to the B.A.A. unless specifically requested by a B.A.A. official.

The 126th Boston Marathon will feature a field size of 30,000 participants, and all athletes must be fully vaccinated in order to participate in the race.

To read more, including frequently asked questions, read the full release.

The Boston Athletic Association will celebrate the 126th running of the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 18, 2022. Registration information for the Boston Marathon can be found below.

Registration for the Boston Marathon
  • Registration for the 126th Boston Marathon opened on Monday, November 8 at 10 a.m. ET and closed on Friday, November 12 at 5 p.m. ET.
  • Registration takes place entirely within the B.A.A.’s online platform, Athletes’ Village. The registration application can be found on your Athletes' Village profile home page.
  • All applications and qualifying times submitted between November 8-12 will be verified and ranked by the B.A.A. based on the amount of time an athlete has run under their respective qualifying standard.
  • Registration from November 8-12 is not first-come, first-served.
  • Applicants will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance in early December once the B.A.A. has verified all qualifying times and applications.
  • Please do not email the B.A.A. asking for a status update regarding your qualifying time verification or registration application. A member of our Athlete Services team will email you if we have any questions regarding your time.
  • Click here to view Boston Marathon qualifying standards. The qualifying window for the the 126th Boston Marathon opened on September 1, 2019.
  • Entry fees for the 126th Boston Marathon for qualifiers is $205.00 USD for United States residents and $255.00 USD for international residents. 
  • Participants have the opportunity to purchase registration insurance at the point of registration. Participants who elected to purchase registration insurance, offered by RegShield, will be able to have entry fees refunded for multiple reasons including loss of job, pregnancy, illness, and injury. Refunds may only be eligible for those who purchase the insurance policy at the point of registration.
  • Entries in the Boston Marathon cannot be transferred, deferred to a future year, and only those who elect to purchase registration insurance may be eligible for refunds.
  • All athletes must be fully vaccinated in order to participate in the 126th Boston Marathon.
  • Proof of Vaccination: Participants will need to provide proof of vaccination prior to participating in the April 18, 2022 race. More information on how to provide proof of vaccination will be communicated directly to all officially registered athletes prior to April’s race weekend. Any registered athlete who cannot provide proof of vaccination will not be allowed to participate in the race. Entries will not be deferred, refunded, or transferred to a future race.
  • Medical Exemptions: Officially registered athletes will receive an email on how to request a medical exemption. All requests will be reviewed individually. Athletes who are not granted an exemption will be refunded their entry fee.
  • 2021 RESULTS: We are still in the process of adjudicating 2021 Boston Marathon results, and are actively receiving results from recently held races. Please complete the entire registration form to assist us in verifying your race result. If we have any additional questions, a member of our Athlete Services team will reach out to you. Please do not send additional qualifying time information unless requested to do so by our team.


2022 Boston Marathon Participant Waiver